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Automated Event Photography Distribution System

About us

We provide you with full access to our software completely free, operating on a donation basis. The software will save you time & money, improve workflow efficiency and improve the quality of your service. Contact us and we will set you up an account.

We are a start-up offering flexible access to Event-Photography software. The automated software takes the hassle out of the distribution of the digital images following any particular event, ie: wedding, green screen event, college / school graduation, santys grotto, etc and makes it extremely easy for your customers to access a digital copy of their photos via any device. Customers can access their photos on this website or a retrieval tool can be integrated seamlessly into your website...

We provide due privacy for each of your individual customers images. This feature is often required in various Event Photography contexts but seems to be missing in the various software options currently available on the market today.

Simon Mc Dermott of Leinster Photography has used the software to great effect in various contexts within his operation. Click here for an idea of how the photo retrieval tool can be seemlessly integrated into your website. The interface can be designed with a view to complementing your own website.

Simon Mc Dermott recommends the software, "I was looking for web based software of this nature for quite some time, this software is very effective in automatically distributing images instantaneously without any overhead in administration, it is particularly easy to use, integrates easily into my website and also suited my needs due to the large volume of photographs taken on any particular day".

Our Service

If you are involved in Event Photography and are interested in increasing your potential customer base, then consider using our software to distribute the digital images to customers efficiently. The software completely automates image distribution, saving you time and money.

Refer to the workflow illustration below for an insight into how our software will improve your operation, both in terms of workflow efficiency and improved customer service.

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